Our quality system and certifications allows us to provide solutions for Aerospace, Space, Nuclear and HYDROGEN applications.


From Aerospace to Energy we supply solutions for different markets. We have the experience, the accreditations and we can deliver the level of accuracy required by all those markets.

Commercial aircrafts

We supply solutions for major commercial & business jet programs. For such programs, we design and deliver compensators, flexible joints, complex ducts & regulation solutions with improved mass, lifetime & accuracy.


Senior Aerospace Calorstat provides flexible joints, accumulators & compensators for launchers and satellites. Our solutions are design to convey critical fluids such as oxygen or hydrogen in liquid or gaseous phase. Our quality system and our engineering capabilities allow us answering the requirements for space programs.


We supply metallic bellows and regulation actuators for valves and pressure regulators. We can also provide solutions to compensate the displacements due to thermal effects. Our quality system is compatible with challenging applications such as oil & gas.

Medical Care

We deliver precision bellows embedded in life science & hospital equipment. We can provide titanium & copper bellows and assemblies.


Senior Aerospace Calorstat delivers solutions for vacuum & cryogenic industry. We can supply either bellows or bellows assemblies when accuracy matters. We support our customer from early prototyping to volume production.


We deliver bellows and bellows assemblies for valves, regulators & compensators used in Nuclear Power Plant and Fuel Cycle factories. Our quality system and our engineering are aligned with the requirements of nuclear applications. We can design & qualify solutions for sustaining concerns.


We work on critical military programs and we can provide solutions for harsh environment while both accuracy & reliability are expected. This includes compensators, bellows and bellows assemblies.

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